Napcen Venturi Wet Scrubber are custom designed to capture smaller dust particles, VOCs, chemical fumes, and other water / chemically soluble fumes and Vapors generated in industrial process. Venturi scrubber is a kind of wet scrubber and is of high efficient in comparison to other wet scrubbers at a higher pressure drop.

Venturi scrubber works on the principle of absorption technology and venturi effect, where the pollutants gas and scrubbing liquid / water is made to pass through a confined throat where both comes in contact so closely at high velocity forming large number of droplets, there by creating large area for the particles to get absorbed to liquid droplets. The sizing of scrubber, Throat design, selection of scrubber solution, Material and inner lining is critical in designing Venturi scrubber for a particular application.

Napcen had a strong team of consultants and engineers having deep knowledge in design and commissioning of Venturi scrubber across various industries for different applications. contact us to assist you in selecting efficient and economical scrubber to your specific process and pollution control needs.

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·         Particulate Matter (PM) scrubbing

·         Dust scrubbing

·         Sulfur dioxide (SO2) scrubbing

·         Ammonia (NH3) scrubbing

·         Solvent vapor scrubbing

·         Methanol (CH3OH) vapour scrubbing

·         Ethylene oxide scrubbing

·         NOx Scrubbing system

·         Boiler Exhaust flue gas scrubbing

·         Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) Scrubbing

·         Hydrochloric acid vapor (HCI) scrubbing

·         Chlorine (Cl2) gas scrubbing

·         Nitric Acid (HNO3) Fume scrubbing