What is Small cartridge dust collectors?

Small cartridge dust collectors equipped with compressed air cleaning filter and separate up medium, fine and impalpable dusts with high filtering efficiency and a continuous reverse jet cleaning system. They are especially suitable for low volume and high dust load applications. Special designed airflow route ensures that the equipment’s running at best conditions. Small cartridge dust collectors are designed for small volume dust and fume extractions. Compared to large cartridge collectors, small cartridge collector features small size and easy installation. Most of the components have already been installed before delivery. The dust collectors ensure lowest cartridge pressure, highest filter efficiency and longest filter life.

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Model Numbers of Cartridges Filter Area m2 Airflow CMH
NSC – 2
1800 to 2400
NSC – 4
3600 to 4800
NSC – 6
5400 to 7200
NSC – 8
7200 to 9600

Operating Principle

The contaminated air enters the lower section of the unit and due to the design its velocity is immediately reduced allowing the larger particles to drop out into the waste receptacle. The fume then crosses the central filter section at very low speed thus allowing the filters to capture the smaller particulate. Clean air then exits the unit.


During operation filter is always in perfect efficiency thanks to cyclical counter-washing cleaning system. A compressed air jet stored in the provided tank is suddenly pushed inside the cartridge creating a violent counter-current shaking wave, which takes out and makes falling particles deposited on sleeves. The jet is cyclically programmed by an electronic control.


Construction Features


The filter is made in press-bended galvanized sheet panels. Filtering sleeves are made of high quality fabric studied to solve filtering problems with long life performances. Media cleaning system is composed by a cyclic programmer with pause and cleaning time governor, control light, collecting tanks for compressed air, die-cast electrovalves with electric consent pilot, injectors and Venturi –tubes.


  Modular design and bolt on structure make prompt manufacturing and fast delivery.

Compact structure to save expensive floor space

Standard equipped with full automatic pulse jet clean, top mounted fan and remote control cabinet.

Special designed deflector plates greatly reduce the dusts falling from top cartridges to down cartridges. Ensuring longest cartridge filter life.

Most of the components have been installed before delivery. Minimum installation required on site.The unit can run immediately after wired and ducted.

Standard fan acoustic chamber available to control the fan noise below 74dB.

Optional built-in air compressor is available so that no external compressed air is required.

Special venturi and supersonic injection nozzles achieve the premium pulse cleaning effects on filters.

Spark trap chamber and explosion vents are available as optional components.


Welding Fume, Grinding, Cutting, Polishing, Abrasive Blasting, Mining, Rubber, Plastic, Metal Working


  • Cartridge filter chamber
  • Clean air chamber
  • Cellulose cartridge filters
  • Hopper
  • Dust bin
  • Differential pressure gauge
  • Pulse valves
  • Compressed air manifold
  • Pulse valve controller
  • Powder coating finish

Optional Components

  • Other media cartridge filter
  • Centrifugal fan
  • Spark arrestor
  • Fan exhaust silencer
  • Fan acoustic chamber
  • Fan control cabinet
  • Differential pressure controller
  • Explosion relief vents
  • Skid mount base