What is Pleated bags Dust collector?

Pleated bags are made of spun bond polyester filter media. They are one-piece structure completed with end caps and inner cores. They can be installed in existing baghouse dust collectors, replacing traditional needle felt bags and bag cages. The baghouse with pleated bags provide a significant update than traditional pulse jet needle felt baghouse collectors. The baghouses with pleated bags dramatically increase filter area and efficiency than needle felt bags while operate at much lower differential pressure. Compared with traditional needle felt bags, the pleated bags increase filter area by 100~300%, which allow for much smaller dust collector size.

Pleated bags dust Collector equipped with compressed air cleaning suitable to filter and separate up medium, fine and impalpable dusts with high filtering efficiency and a continuous perfect filter cleaning system.


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Model Bag Size Number of Pleated Bag Filter Area Aireflow
Ф160MM * L:2000MM
138 M2
6600 CMH
Ф160MM * L2000MM
184 M2
8800 CMH
Ф160MM * L:2000MM
276 M2
13200 CMH
Ф160MM * L:2000MM
368 M2
17600 CMH
Ф160MM * L:2000MM
414 M2
19800 CMH

Operating Principle

Pleated bags dust Collector is a highly efficient, self-maintaining filter for dusts with fully automatic cleaning by compressed air injection. The unit is manufactured with individual, reinforced, painted steel panels which make for extremely robust construction. The design includes an upper chamber which houses the compressed air cleaning system, the center section which includes the required filtering sleeves and a lower section with the supporting legs, hopper and polluted air inlet. It is working in depressure according to following process.

The contaminated air enter from hopper inlet by the strong speed decrease,

larger particles drop into the wheeled waste bin. Also available a version with pre-chamber

including a system to make the high concentrated dusts falling down, the inlet will be not

in the hopper in this case but directly in the pre-chamber. Alternatively the hopper can

beequipped with rotary valve and worm conveyor. The cleaning guaranteed by the

reverse jet system with compressed air controlled by the depressure cyclic programmer that gives impulse to the solenoid valves cleaning a row of filtering sleeves each time,

obtaining in this way a quite constant loss of charges level and constant air flow.

Dusty air is pushed , under the filtering sleeves , by the inlet situated in the hopper . Dust , contained in the sucked air , owing to the considerable speed decrease , will fall in collecting bin. Then dust crossing filtering media from the outside to the inside will deposit impurities giving back the air perfectly cleaned. During operation filter is always in perfect efficiency to the cyclical counter-washing Cleaning System.


A Compressed air stored in the provided tank is suddenly pushed inside the sleeves, creating a violent counter current shaking wave , which takes out and make falling particles , deposited on the sleeves. This cyclical programmed by an Electronic Control , will be injected by a range of nozzles inside their Venturi-Tubes connected to filtering sleeves . These tubes can collect the surrounding area air and enlarge it compared to the received Jet.





The filter made in press-bended metal sheet panels. Filtering sleeves are made of high quality fabric studied to solve filtering problems with high efficiency and long life resistance and performance. The sleeves are fitted on metal cage galvanised or painted to increase its resistance and life time. Media cleaning System is composed by a cyclic programmer with pause and cleaning time governor , control light , compressed air collecting tank , die-cast electrovalves with electric consent pilot , injectors and Venturitubes in plastic material , or on demand , totally made of metal. The filter is complete with supporting legs , electrical connections between valves and programmer , inspection door (on demand) and hook up flanges.



  • Special treated spun bond polyester filter media have much higher efficiency than traditional needle felt bags
  • Wide pleat space and narrow pleat depth helpful to improve the pulse jet cleaning
  • Short cartridge filter let filter elements far away from entry airflow, reducing the filter abrasion
  • The pleated bags can rebuild most of the baghouse filters, replace the bags and cages directly
  • Compared to baghouse with same filter area, the pleated bag dust collector is 50% smaller. Saving expensive floor space
  • Pleated bags can be retrofitted on exiting felt bag collectors
  • Low pressure operation reduces the energy consumption
  • One-piece filter design can make the installation and maintenance very easy


Woodworking, Cement, Plastic, Food, Pharmaceutical, Mineral, Chemical, Battery, Carbon black, Foundry

Standard Components

  1. Bag filter chamber
  2. Clean air chamber
  3. Tube sheet
  4. Polyester Needle felt bag & cage
  5. Bag access doors
  6. Hopper & inspection door
  7. Legs & bracings
  8. Dust drum
  9. Handrails on top
  10. Inlet & outlet flanges
  11. Pulse jet valve
  12. Blow pipes with nozzles
  13. Compressed air manifold
  14. Pulse valve weather proof hood
  15. Timer board controller
  16. Necessary fastening parts

Optional Components

  1. Centrifugal fans
  2. Access platform
  3. Explosion relief vents
  4. Other bag materials & style
  5. Safety ladder with cage
  6. Differential pressure control
  7. Trough type hopper
  8. Rotary valves
  9. Screw conveyor
  10. Water sprinkle