NApcen Packed bed Scrubber are custom designed to capture sub micron particulate matter, chemical fumes, odors, and other water / chemically soluble fumes and Vapors generated in industrial process. All wet scrubber works on the principle of absorption technology, where the pollutants is made in contact with scrubbing liquid. The pollutants gets absorbed by scrubbing liquid either physical or by chemical means. The capturing efficiency of the scrubber can be increased by increasing the time of contact of flue gas with scrubbing liquid.

In packed bed scrubber we use rings, saddles etc so called packings to increase scrubbing efficiency. We supply counter flow (vertical scrubber ) and cross flow type (Horizontal scrubber) and multi scrubber arrangements based on site constraints and efficiency required. The sizing of scrubber, selection of scrubber solution, Material and inner lining is critical in designing wet scrubber for a particular application.

Napcen had a strong team of consultants and engineers having deep knowledge in design and commissioning of scrubber across various industries. contact us to assist you in selecting efficient and economical scrubber to your specific process and pollution control needs.

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·         Nitric Acid (HNO3) Fume scrubbing

·         Ammonia (NH3) scrubbing

·         Solvent vapor scrubbing

·         Methanol (CH3OH) vapour scrubbing

·         Ethylene oxide scrubbing

·         NOx Scrubbing system

·         Boiler Exhaust flue gas scrubbing

·         Sulfur dioxide (SO2) scrubbing

·         Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) Scrubbing

·         Hydrochloric acid vapor (HCI) scrubbing

·         Chlorine (Cl2) gas scrubbing