What is Mobile Dust Collector?

Mobile dust collector equipped with compressed air cleaning filter and separate up medium, fine and impalpable dusts with high filtering efficiency and a continuous reverse jet cleaning system. They are especially suitable for low volume and high dust load applications. Special designed airflow route ensures that the equipment’s running at best conditions. Mobile Dust Collectors are suitable for the scattered dust extractions. They can filter many types of dusts from various processing. The unit is one-piece structure, built with high efficient filter cartridges, filter cleaning system and extraction arms. Due to the compact structure and the casters under the bottom, the collector can move to working points conveniently.

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Model NMC22 NMC34 NMC45
Cartridge Cleaning
Manual Compression Air Clean
Full Automatic Pulse Jet Clean
Full Aromatic Pulse Jet Clean
Dust Extraction
Soft Hose / Extraction Arm
Soft Hose / Extraction Arm
Soft Hose / Extraction Arm

Operating Principle

            The contaminated air enters the lower section of the unit and due to the design its velocity is immediately reduced allowing the larger particles to drop out into the waste receptacle. The fume then crosses the central filter section at very low speed thus allowing the filters to capture the smaller particulate. Clean air then exits the unit.

During operation filter is always in perfect efficiency thanks to cyclical counter-washing cleaning system. A compressed air jet stored in the provided tank is suddenly pushed inside the cartridge creating a violent counter-current shaking wave, which takes out and makes falling particles deposited on sleeves. The jet is cyclically programmed by an electronic control.

Construction Features

  • A multi-purpose mobile cartridge dust collector, suitable for scattered working positions and intermittent dust collections.
  • Widest applications with powerful extraction; Not only for welding fume, but also for large dust collections for cutting, grinding, powder filling, weighing, packing and others.
  • Installed with large size filter cartridges. Filter efficiency more than 99%.
  • Both manual and full automatic pulse clean system available
  • For manual clean, no need to take out the cartridge filters from units.
  • Optional built-in air compressor. No need for external compressed air supply
  • Standard support for extraction hose with unlimited length
  • Optional extraction arm, 2m to 4m long.
  • Completed with fan starter, pulse clean starter and pressure gauge to monitor the filter cartridges.


Metal welding, Grinding, Polishing, Buffing, Food, Pharmaceutical, Rubber, Powder filling, Weighing, Packing and other dusty working points.