What is Chromic Acid Scrubber?

Hard Chromic acid Scrubber are custom designed hybrid type scrubber system with all controls to capture hazardous chromic acid mists & fumes formed at chrome plating tank. Chromic uses advanced composite mesh pad technology for capturing chromic acid mists and its 99% efficient and almost all of the chromic acid found in fumes can be recovered and reused, Hence the entire costs for the system can be recovered in a couple of years of operation of the system. The entire system, (Scrubber + Hood +Ducting + Blower & Chimney) is build out of PVC, CPVC and PP FRP to withstand high corrosive nature of chromic acids and it lasts for 5 to 10 years of operation without much maintenance.

Napcen had a strong team of consultants and engineers having deep knowledge in design and commissioning of scrubber across various industries. contact us to assist you in selecting efficient and economical chromic acid scrubber to your specific production quantity. The scrubber system can be used in other plating applications without much changes. Contact us to know more.

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  • Electro plating industries.
  • Chrome plating.