Importance of Dust Collection

1. They Improve Health and Safety

When the air is filled with dirt, dust, debris, chemicals or gasses, it can affect the lungs of anyone who breathes this air in. Not only that, but this particulate can collect on or near equipment, posing a significant fire hazard. With a dust collector, these contaminants are removed from the air, cleaning the air and improving the safety of everyone inside.

2. They Increase Productivity

When dirt, dust and debris collect on equipment, it can make its way inside, interfering with the mechanics of the equipment. This can lead to slower machines and broken equipment. Compromised machinery constantly needs attention and repairs. Dust collectors remove this risk, allowing your machinery to work at optimal performance.

3. They Lead to Better Product Quality

With dust in the air, it can collect on products throughout the manufacturing process. This can negatively impact the quality of the finished product. Dust collectors, however, significantly reduce the dust, smoke and fumes in the air, keeping them away from finished products and thus improving their quality and increasing customer satisfaction.

4. They Help You Meet Compliance Regulations

There are numerous laws and regulations in place for workplace safety. Some of these regulations are related to the environment and the quality of the air. Poor air quality can cost you heavily, not just in fines, but by creating potential hazards that can damage your factory or affect your employees. Factory dust collectors help you to comply with governmental regulations as well as keeping everyone (and everything) inside the building safe.

5. They Help to Ensure Happier Employees

When the air quality is bad, employees suffer. As a result, they become unhappy and start to look for employment elsewhere. Unsatisfied employees don’t work well, and high employee turnover can prove costly. Keeping the air clean and healthy with a factory dust collector improves the morale of your employees, allowing you to retain great, happy people in the workplace.

Dust Collection Applications